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Aaron Tap.


Available for Work.


Versatile Guitarist having worked extensively with

Songwriters and Rock Bands.

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My Bio.

Having accidentally discovered 'Back In Black' one day,

it was just a couple steps to picking up a walnut-brown Gibson SG and thus guitar playing became my life.

In the late 90s I joined Boston-based power pop royalty Boy Wonder and began a long and continuing musical (and otherwise) partnership with frontwoman and songwriter Paula Kelley (ex-Drop Nineteens).


A move with Paula to Los Angeles in the 2000s brought on new challenges, as the post-Napster music industry continued to encourage adaptation and change, seemingly week by week. I eventually found myself touring the country and making records with platinum-selling singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson.

With a full complement of guitars, from subtle acoustics to screaming metal machines, I can deliver just about anything you’re looking for if it involves six(ish) strings.

I work out of mine and Paula’s QuailTop Studio in Southern California and I enjoy being challenged by all styles of music.

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