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Björn Bauer.

Album Cover, Merch & Poster Design.

Available for Work.


Illustrator, painter, and designer with a lifelong music obsession, who loves composing layers and textures.

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My Bio.

Björn was born in Nürnberg, Germany in 1980.

At 8 years old, he moved with his family to the Philippines and spent the rest of his childhood in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Malaysia.


He has been drawing for as long as he can remember, as nearly everything that interested him became inspiration for an image. He moved to Oklahoma in 2000, and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors in Fine Art and Education in 2005.


Holding his first solo exhibit at IAO gallery in Oklahoma City in 2006, he continued to regularly show his work, along with teaching high school art for twelve years.


In 2019 he earned his MFA in painting from the University at Albany in New York, and now lives in Munich, Germany.

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