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Mark Corradetti.

Fretted & Fretless Electric Basses / Co-Founder.

Grammy Nominated Bassist.

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Available for Work.


My Bio.

I have been a professional bassist for a long time. I've been remote tracking since it became a thing many years ago.


My gear and knowledge and experience reflect that and you can always be assured of the highest quality bass parts whether written out or composed by me or both!


I grew up in NJ , attended Berklee College of Music and have lived and worked in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, where I have been a part of many musicial situations in some of the highest rated studios and venues in the world. I have played many "ghost" sessions for many artists you have heard of and continue to offer my services live and also within this group.


I have several instruments that typically always work and I am adept at most modern styles.

Endorsements : GHS Strings, Bartolini Pickups and Tsunami Cables.

My Services.


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