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Hardly any independent artists can claim such a journey full of wins like Nikkole: Five full-length studio albums.—Appearances, A Girl Like Me, Creolepatra, Hallucinations, and now VULNERABLE—all achieved while building an independent powerhouse label with a tight and powerful team.

As technology kept forcing record industry sea-changes that made independence the way to go for all enterprising artists, Billboard chart-topper Nikkole kept winning her freedom.

• Top 10 Billboard Recording Artist - #7 “Zero” and #20 ”Gonna Get It Right” both from the album, “Hallucinations” sharing the charts with artist’s such as Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige

•  Nikkole’s latest album “Vulnerable” produced by the legendary Leon Sylvers III hit #2 on the UK Soul Chart. With the current single “We Can Make It If We Try”, landing in the #3 spot on the U.S. Indie R&B Chart

• In October 2022, Nikkole’s single “All Mine” was nominated in the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, along with the video for “We Can Make It If We Try”.

• Winner of two IMEA Awards in 2015 for Pop Vocalist of the Year and Pop Song of the Year for the song ”Zero”

• GRAMMY Voting Member

• Nominated for two HMMA Awards in 2015, Best Music Video for “Zero” and Best Pop Single for “Zero”

• Music has appeared in national commercial campaigns, major motion pictures, TV shows and 48 songs have been licensed to MTV

• Has appeared in numerous magazines and publications including:  Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Ebony, Rolling Stone and many others

• National and International radio and video airplay at over 250 commercial outlets

• Has toured in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America

Her fans, the “Nikkolediers,” and critics alike know that not only has the singer mastered the art of brilliant songwriting, dynamic and powerful live singing with a charismatic stage presence, but she has mastered making concert goers feel like they are watching her do what she was born to do – PERFORM!  Nikkole is extraordinarily vibrant and universal.  Jen Swartz at MTV raves, “…from the moment I heard Nikkole’s music, I loved it”.


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